My journey in humanitarianism began in the Amazon of Ecuador at age 20. Seeking a truth that was not presented to me in the western world I found myself under the deep, green canopy where I was immersed in entheogenic plant medicine, indigenous wisdom, and an awareness of the natural world. I felt as if I had taken my first breath. Within a year, I had received more from the indigenous communities I was working with than I could ever give back. My inquiries took me to study and volunteer with grassroot efforts in Guatemala, Mexico, and Peru. Witnessing firsthand the struggles, yet simple joys, within these communities, instilled a deep connection to the wellbeing of the indigenous populations in our world. It is truly the hearts of the people that move through me as I deepen my humanitarian journey.


I am currently working and living in Occidental, Ca.

Services & skills

Facilitator, web design, social media for social good, writer, and humanitarian. 

Institute for Emerging Visionaries


Transformational Facilitation and Community Healing Arts Training


Current Projects: Cacao Keepers, Naledi Initiative, California Global Youth Peace Summit